Communication Pre-Test

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The client planned to improve on previous communication campaign with the development of a new communication direction. The campaign was intended to project the ultimate end benefit of using client’s products with the intention of increasing penetration and driving strong emotional affinity to the brand.


Having developed TVC, Radio and Outdoor visuals campaign materials, the client sought to test the campaign materials with consumers to determine how they fit with the overall campaign and also ascertain its level of impact and effectiveness.


Pre-link test (quantitative & qualitative) was employed. This involved a quantitative evaluation of TVCs Animation by 150 Respondents as well as qualitative focus group discussions (15FGDs). In each quantitative session, respondents previewed and evaluated all the three TVCs in a sequential monadic manner and the selected respondents proceeded for the qualitative focus group sessions.


One TVC’s storyline which was considered relevant to all given its focus on different spheres of life and which projected the client’s brand as friendly, affordable & non discriminatory (brand for both rich and poor) was recommended with suggested areas of improvement. Preferred radio and outdoor materials were also recommended along with modification areas.


Key output to capture initial reactions of respondents after being exposed to the different campaign materials

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Assessment of each campaign materials’s key indicators: Engagement, Understanding, Brand Legitimacy, Differentiation, Strategic fit & Relevance

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