Product Comparison of Recipes

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The plunging economy impacted on client’s business operations and profitability. Hence, in view of balancing product profitability, the client developed three new formulations to evaluate these formulations against the current formulation to validate if any of the new formulations can replace the current formulation.


The main research objective was to evaluate the performance of the improved formulation and to establish the best performing formulation based on consumer’s sensorial evaluation when compared to the current formulation .

Preferred formulation and area(s) of modifications were been established.


A sequential monadic Central Location Testing (CLT) was employed to compare new prototypes vs Current. All testing were evaluated in Blind format.

Each respondent evaluated all the 4 products in a sequential monadic order.

Order of product testing was rotated from one respondent to the other to prevent order bias. A rotation plan was developed ahead of fieldwork.

240 respondents in three key cities were recruited and interviewed for the product evaluation.


Based on the action standard set, only one of the new products met the set action standard. However, the wining formulation was penalized on two attributes which required modifications.


Just Right Summary to evaluate how all the attributes were rated compared to the threshold (75%)


Penalty analysis using the mean drop approach to identify the required modifications for the attributes below the threshold.

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