Post Launch Study

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The client is a market leader with dominant products/brands within a category. In order to increase market share and sustain the category dominance, the client explored a new sub-category by developing and launching a new product/brand although with limited quantities and small distribution radius.


The key objective of the study was to evaluate the performance of the newly launched product/brand (in terms of awareness level, product satisfaction, source of business, trial level, repeat purchase, consumers profile and purchase touch points) within the test scenario


A post-launch tracking model was employed to measure Awareness, trial and repeat purchase levels as well as conducting a diagnostic assessment on the newly launched product. The model involved two prolong approaches namely; Consumer Brand Health Performance Check (face-to-face interviews with regular consumers of sub-category) and Retail Performance Check (trade interviews with sub-categorytraders). 300 randomly selected consumers were interviewed in three key cities with 150 boost sample. In addition, 150 traders were recruited and interviewed.


The awareness level of the newly launched product among the randomly selected respondents was considerably low, although the satisfaction level of the product was very high which translated to product potentials. A BTL activation and development of communication materials was recommended to improve on product awareness level.


Key product analysis to establish awareness level, motivations, barriers and product potentials

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Attributes Mapping to classify the product attributes into four main buckets: Key selling points, value added benefits, essential support points and low priority.

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